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Dr. Patricia Kane serves as Director of the NeuroLipid Research Foundation, a nonprofit organization, in Millville, NJ. She also serves as Director of Medical Research at BodyBio, having developed a biomedical analysis system for fatty acid and biochemical testing. Her expertise in boldly addressing complex metabolic aberrations and lipid disturbances with targeted nutritional intervention for neurological disorders has led to direct nutrient application utilized by medical doctors worldwide. Her clinical experience, working with physicians, spans 30 years.

Dr. Kane has pioneered targeted metabolic application of fatty acid analysis with lipid testing from Kennedy Krieger Institute's Peroxisomal Diseases Laboratory. Using basic blood chemistry (Chem 28) and a complete blood count (CBC) Dr. Kane has been able to integrate biomedical interventions for pediatric and adult populations with acute as well as chronic conditions and states of neurotoxicity. Her work has expedited the incorporation of current research, evidence based medicine, directly into clinical practice to yield resolution of some of the complex medical disorders of our time.

Dr. Kane has had a long-standing interest in the challenging area of the treatment of severe neurological disorders such as ALS, Parkinson's Disease, Multiple Sclerosis, Alzheimer's, Autism, pervasive developmental delay, seizure disorders, Post Stroke, traumatic brain injury, metabolic and genetic abnormalities. She has developed an intravenous protocol called the PK Protocol for these devastating health disorders using IV Lipid therapy and oral fatty acid supplementation that has yielded marked positive responses. Her dedication and success in working with patients with fragile brain architecture has brought her widespread recognition in the field of biomedical intervention.

Dr. Kane has published numerous articles, essays and books focusing on evidence based nutrition for over 35 years. The medical text The Detoxx Book Detoxification of Biotoxins in Chronic Neurotoxic Syndromes by Kane, Foster, Speight and Kane was published in 2002 and was most recently updated in 2009. Her latest publication appeared in the January 2009 medical book, Food and Nutrients in Disease Management, edited by Ingrid Kohlstadt, Johns Hopkins University, where Dr. Kane contributed two chapters entitled, 1) Seizure Disorders: Balancing Fatty Acids To Stabilize Brain Activity and, and 2) Autistic Spectrum Disorder: Dynamic Intervention for Neuronal Membrane Stabilization.

Dr. Kane is an accomplished lecturer as well as author, presenting to medical societies and universities annually in the US and abroad. In addition, she teaches a two-day biomedical course to physicians on lipids, nutritional biochemistry and membrane function with neurological application several times annually in the US and abroad. She has presented her work to the NIH, Columbia, Johns Hopkins, Stanford, University of Kansas, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Eidgenossische Technische (the MIT of Europe), UMDNJ and the Royal Medical Society.